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To install Luna Programming Editor, extract the files in the ZIP file to a folder on your computer. Run the file setup.exe and follow the installation process. Once the install process has finished, use the start menu icon to launch Luna Programming Editor.'

Writing Code

Write your code in the text area. The lines will be numbered, and small syntax errors will be corrected, such as indentation and line breaks.

The Menus

Up the top of the window is the menu bar. Here, you can access all the functions of Luna Programming Editor. The file menu contains commands for saving, closing and printing your files. The Edit menu contains clipboard functions, a select all feature, and the Find and Find/Replace commands. Under the HTML Components menu, you can choose an HTML tag to insert. This menu will display no matter what language you are in. The Language menu allows you to choose what programming language you use. This will effect the syntax highlighting and colouring. Finally, the Run menu lets you perform several functions related to the file you are working with.


To uninstall Luna Programming Editor, open Control Panel, go to Programs and Features, click on Uninstall a Program, and find the entry for Luna Programming Editor in the list. Click Remove in the toolbar at the top of the list. Select your desired action, and click OK.

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