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Luna Programming Editor

Luna Programming Editor is a comprehensive programming environment, with many tools that make programming easier. It supports a range of programming languages (including C#, VB.Net, HTML, PHP and SQL). Luna also has a tab affair, which allows several files to be open at one time, a clean interface, line numbering, a list of commonly used HTML commands, find and replace, and a run feature. Syntax highlighting and preset HTML tags make programming easier, as well as fast startup and load times.

As a base for Luna, FastColoredTextBox (see provides syntax highlighting and line numbering features. Krypton Toolbox is also used for the clean, modern interface. The tab system allows developers to program on several files at a time, even in different programming languages. The Run feature also allows users to open the file in Explorer, open the file in their favourite web browser, or run a specified command (like the Windows run dialog).

E-Tech always welcome developers for our free software. Luna Programming Editor is an open-source project, so you are more than welcome to download the source code and edit it as much as you want. Luna Programming Editor is written in the VB.Net language, so any experienced VB.Net coder would be appreciated. If you think you've made some beneficial (and significant) changes, submit it by attaching a link in an email to If we're impressed, your version may even be accepted as an official release!

Please enjoy using Luna Programming Editor. Remember that Luna is free, so any help and feedback in terms of development and improvement would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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